How Often Should You Clean Your Windows

How Often Should You Clean Your Windows

Freshly cleaned windows will instantly revive the look of your property. The job needs to be done regularly to remove debris from your windows, ensuring they are clean to see through.

However, the question is, how often should you clean your windows? Too often creates unnecessary work. Too little and you’ll need to spend far longer removing the dirt, potentially costing more if your windows are cleaned by a professional.

Here’s an overview to guide you, depending on the type of building you own.

Residential Window Cleaning

Did you know that windows make up approximately 25% of an average home’s wall space? Like every other area of your property, your windows will get dirty over time. Pollution, weather, cobwebs, dirt and bird droppings can all accumulate on the outside of your windows making them look unsightly.

Most residential homeowners choose to have their windows cleaned once a month. It’s also possible to opt for quarterly or six-monthly window cleans too. Though if you allow a large gap in between cleans, the service may take longer or be more expensive.

You also may require window cleaning after you’ve had any building work done, or before you put your home on the market.

In terms of the tools you should look out for, pure water fed systems are ideal for the job and will ensure no streaks or marks are left behind on your windows. The results will offer longevity, especially versus tap water and a cloth which was how windows were cleaned back in the day. These days, a wide range of products exist to make the job much easier.

Commercial Window Cleaning

Commercial buildings usually have a lot more people using them and in different ways. Let’s take a storefront for example, which has people touching the glass, and visitors coming and going all day. Your display windows and doors will likely pick up fingerprints and other debris quite quickly as a result. Therefore, you will require window cleaning more often.

There’s no definite rule, but you should consider anywhere from weekly to monthly window cleans, depending on the nature of your business. It’s also possible to have your windows cleaned quarterly or twice a year, which may be more appropriate for high rise buildings that don’t come into human contact on the outside.

The great thing about commercial window cleaning is you can schedule it at a time that suits you, which includes before your business opens. This will ensure no disruption to your business, all while keeping it looking spick and span for the public.

Schedule A Window Clean

Are you in need of a commercial or residential window cleaning service? Window Cleaning Online is the retail business of Acorn Window Cleaning, covering the Melbourne area. Whether you’d like to schedule a window clean every week, every month or just on an ad-hoc basis, we’re here to help.

Our Hawthorn retail location also supplies a wide range of window cleaning products. Please give us a call on (03) 9818 3333 or drop us an email and we’ll be in touch, if you’d like help on anything we’ve mentioned above.

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