Make Sure You Have These 4 Essential Window Cleaning Tools for Your Next Job

Make Sure You Have These 4 Essential Window Cleaning Tools for Your Next Job

Your windows can’t take much more Windex, and it’s time to give them a proper cleaning. You’ve decided you’re going to do the job on your own and are equipped with a cleaning solution, spray bottle, and paper towels. Before you get started on what might be a painstaking process, allow us to give you some advice on a better, more efficient way to clean your windows. Window cleaning isn’t extremely complicated, but don’t make it any harder than it needs to be. Ditch the spray bottle and paper towels, and equip yourself with these four essential window cleaning tools.


Probably the simplest tool in your shed, but one of the most resourceful. From a plain white pail to a rectangular bucket that has wheels and holsters for your equipment – the right bucket can make a world of difference when cleaning windows. You will want something that can be carried up a ladder without too much grief. We have a wide selection of buckets for every budget, ranging from simple pails to buckets that have all the bells and whistles.


This is arguably the most important tool for any window cleaner. A good squeegee can make all the difference in achieving that streak-free shine. There are hundreds of squeegees to choose from. You have your simple shower-door squeegee all the way to squeegees that swivel and vacuum the water off the window, and everything else in between. This can come down to a matter of personal preference but getting yourself a good quality squeegee will be the best gift that you give yourself before cleaning your windows. Also, there is something oddly satisfying about wiping a window clean with a high-quality squeegee.

T-Bar Washer

Similar to a squeegee, except it adds water to the windows instead of removing it. And as with squeegees there are whole host of options available to you. They can have a rigid or swivel head, washer sleeves that slide on with Velcro or clips, and a range of different ergonomically designed handles. If the squeegee is your Batman, the T-bar washer is your Robin. They can function fine on their own, but they are much more effective when working together.

Window Cleaning Product

Now that we’ve got you sorted with all of your window cleaning tools, it’s time to pick the right product. This can be a bit more complicated because there are hundreds of different products to choose from. Anything from water to ammonium or butane-infused cleaner could be the ideal solution for your needs. The right product for you will depend on how often you clean your windows, how dirty or stained they are, how sensitive the area surrounding the windows are to chemical products, and how environmentally friendly you try to be. Your best bet is to talk with one of our experts who can point you in the right direction.

Closing Remarks

Don’t make window cleaning harder than it needs to be. Get yourself the proper equipment and enjoy the satisfaction of squeegeeing clean your streak-free windows. There is a reason why the professionals don’t show up with a bottle of Windex and paper towels. Find the right bucket, squeegee, T-bar washer, and product to make your cleaning chore as hassle-free as possible.

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