Did you know that cleaning your windows in the cooler months is best for ensuring a lasting outcome?

Squeegee Complete Sorbo, Tricket Squeegee

Tricket Squeegee
Tricket Squeegee
Tricket Squeegee

Tricket Squeegee

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Product Description

The new and most efficient way to clean louvre windows, vertical blinds, glass shelves and wooden shutters. Simply scrub with the Tricket double sponge then squeegee off with the Tricket double squeegee. Each tool works on both sides of the surface simultaneously. Squeegee blades and the tricket washers are replaceable. A serious time-saver – try it and you’ll never look back. Sorbo Tricket Washer sold separately.



Sorbo products are the brain-child of Sorbo Samuelson, a US-based window cleaner and innovator. Sorbo understands that time is money for the professional window cleaner and has invented many time-saving tools and techniques for window cleaners worldwide. WCO recommend Sorbo Products as high-quality tools.