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Squeegee Holster
Squeegee Holster
Squeegee Holster

Squeegee Holster

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Product Description

  • Can hold two squeegees
  • Soft material

This new holster designed by Sorbo is the ultimate in high performance. Its two holsters can hold squeegees either vertically (channel in) or horizontally (handle in). Squeegees can be withdrawn at lightning speed in either position. The soft material does not damage the squeegee blades when holstered in the vertical position.



Sorbo products are the brain-child of Sorbo Samuelson, a US-based window cleaner and innovator. Sorbo understands that time is money for the professional window cleaner and has invented many time-saving tools and techniques for window cleaners worldwide. WCO recommend Sorbo Products as high-quality tools.