Did you know that cleaning your windows in the cooler months is best for ensuring a lasting outcome?

Scrapers Edco, Safety Scraper ‘SKRAPR’

Safety Scraper ‘SKRAPR’
Safety Scraper ‘SKRAPR’

Safety Scraper ‘SKRAPR’

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Product Description

  • Made from hard resin
  • Comes with sharpening pad
  • Can be used to remove paint, in addition to glue residue, stickers, gum, food, dirt particles and ice
  • Suitable for beginners as it does not scratch
  • Dishwasher safe

The ‘SKRAPR’ is the ultimate industrial surface scraper. It is made from a hard resin and comes with a sharpening pad to maintain an effective edge. This scraper is designed to work on any flat surface without leaving scratches. It is a particularly good option for beginners. Can be used on windows, around the house and in the kitchen.