Water Purification Systems WCO, RO 2200 Mk2 WFP

RO 2200 Mk2 WFP
RO 2200 Mk2 WFP
RO 2200 Mk2 WFP

RO 2200 Mk2 WFP

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Product Description

Introducing the latest technology in window cleaning, the Norca R.O. 2200 Mark 2. Now all parts, servicing and instructions from a local manufacturer and fully supported by WINDOW CLEANING ONLINE, Australia’s largest supplier of window cleaning equipment.

Popular overseas and being used extensively throughout England and USA (where ladder rules are tougher than here). Waterfed Pole (WFP) systems are starting to appear in Australia as new workcover legislation forces Australian window cleaners to use ladders less and find alternative methods of cleaning.

Now you can clean windows up to 4 stories high without using a ladder. WFP systems extract impurities from the water and produce a very aggressive cleaning agent. Pure water generated by the system acts like a magnet to dirt.

The Norca RO 2200 Mark 2 waterfed pole system will make life for the professional window cleaner safer and easier than ever. It fits on a hand trolley and is easily moved by one man. All you do is plug in a hose, start the petrol powered generator and purified water is forced up a pole to a brush. Scrub the window and then rinse the glass clean. You then walk away and leave the window to dry sparkling clean. No detergent. No Sqeegees. Extremely cost effective. Most window cleaners using WFP, suggest this method is at least twice as fast as using ladders and with absolutely no safety issues. Amazingly simple operation.

This is not the same as the familiar Tucker Pole where tap water is used directly from a tap outlet.

Much more information is available in Section 19 of the Australian Window Cleaning Federation. (www.AWCF.org.au) Here you will find a complete explanation of reverse osmosis (RO) and de-ionised (DI) water as well as actual window cleaners discussing how they use their waterfed pole systems. P&H is at cost and is additional to the unit.

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