All SORBO rubbers that are in stock are the original natural rubber not the newer silicone version.

T Bar Moerman, Premium T-Bar

Premium T-Bar
Premium T-Bar
Premium T-Bar

Premium T-Bar

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Product Description

MOERMAN, Premium T-Bar is a sleeve/washer holder with a two-component grip that ensures a firm grip even with wet hands. The water-absorbing components on the bar ensure that the water is dispersed evenly in the gash during the washing.

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    Moerman® Window Cleaning Supplies

    Moerman has been a developer and producer of great cleaning tools for windows since 1885. They produce innovative sustainable cleaning tools for window cleaning.  Equipment like the Ultimate Squeegee together with the F*LIQ washer pad make window cleaning easier, quicker and more efficient. WCO recommend Moerman products for use by professional window cleaners.