Squeegee & Washer Combination Wagtail, Precision Glide Squeegee

Precision Glide Squeegee

Precision Glide Squeegee

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Product Description

  • Combination Squeegee and washer for “One Pass”
  • Controlled Pivot with black plugs
  • Thin and lightweight
  • Fixed pad for constant lubrication
  • Great for treated glass, indoor glass, balcony glass, hot weather
  • Available in sizes: 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 inches
  • Can purchase a Precision Glide Squeegee replacement pad
WAGTAIL, Precision Glide Squeegee is a light weight squeegee with a fixed microfiber pad for constant lubrication for the squeegee rubber. The Precision Glide uses Wagtail’s Pivot Control Handle to help cut right into the edges and corners of the window and be able to close out easier on deep window sills. Using the right “angle of attack” allows you to wash and squeegee in one pass – great for taking light dirt/dust off windows at speed.


    Founded by Willie Erken, Wagtail is an Australian owned and operated supplier of the most innovative window cleaning tools in the market. The Wagtail pivot design is unique, simple and effective to use.

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    Regan Orr

    Good in theory terrible in practise.