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Extension Pole Spare Parts Ettore, Pole Clutch

Pole Clutch

Pole Clutch

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Product Description

  • Comes in two sizes: 2 section & 3 section
  • Compatible with all Ettore Extension Poles
  • 2 section: Small replacement clutch for Ettore 2-section poles. This is also the replacement clutch for the top section in 3-section poles
  • 3 section: Large replacement clutch for Ettore 3 section poles


Ettore Steccone invented the window squeegee in 1936 and his legacy is a company that has grown to become the leading brand of cleaning tools for window cleaners world-wide.  All of their products are professional-grade quality tools and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. WCO recommend Ettore products as an excellent choice.