All SORBO rubbers that are in stock are the original natural rubber not the newer silicone version.

Squeegee & Washer Combination Wagtail, Orbital Flipper Squeegee

Orbital Flipper Squeegee
Orbital Flipper Squeegee

Orbital Flipper Squeegee

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Product Description

Wagtail, Orbital Flipper Squeegee saves you time with its combination of microfibre pad and squeegee in the one tool. Flip the pad under the squeegee blade to wash the window then let the pad drop back to squeegee dry.  This aluminium tool is very robust, great for most cleaning applications especially windows, pole work and with the Angle Arm is also good for floors. Complete with rubber and clip-on microfibre pad.
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    Founded by Willie Erken, Wagtail is an Australian owned and operated supplier of the most innovative window cleaning tools in the market. The Wagtail pivot design is unique, simple and effective to use.