Detergents WWWCS, Easy Wash & Rinse Detergent

Easy Wash & Rinse Detergent

Easy Wash & Rinse Detergent

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Product Description

  • 5L of Water Fed Pole Detergent
  • Used with Go H2O Pro Pure Water Systems (requires a Detergent Injector/Dispenser Kit)
  • Ideal for use with pure water cleaning to help breakdown and remove more stubborn or greasier/grimy dirt from glass
  • Low foaming
  • No ammonia

The ideal detergent for water-fed systems, low foaming, powerful and easy rinse.

Pre-dilute 1 part Wash and Rinse to 4 parts DI water in the container, shake and mix well. Ratio 1:4. Fill DI detergent dispenser and connect inlet to DI outlet valve and open.
If placing into stored water, dilute 500:1