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Water Fed Equipment Spare Parts WWWCS, Detergent Dispenser Kit

Detergent Dispenser Kit
Detergent Dispenser Kit

Detergent Dispenser Kit

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Product Description

  • Includes:
  • Add the Detergent Injector/Dispenser kit to your Mclennan DI Head unit found on the GO H2O PRO Portable De-ionisation Systems which allows you to Inject Special water-fed detergent (Easy Wash and Rinse) into the line for those cleans that require extra scrubbing power. It can also help break down greasy and grimy residue while not interrupting the pure water cleaning method.

If you’re cleaning windows that aren’t cleaned regularly or are prone to stubborn dirt, you’ll need the detergent dispenser. For use with any McLennan Head DI System or old WTS1 System. Comes with Wash & Rinse Detergent.

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