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Carbon Filter Replacement
Carbon Filter Replacement
Carbon Filter Replacement

Carbon Filter Replacement

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Product Description

  • WaterMart 5 Micron Carbon Filter Replacement
  • Available in sizes:
    • 5" x 2.5" (14cm tall x 6cm wide)
    • 7" x 2.5" (18cm tall x 6cm wide)
  • Used as a pre-filter in pure water window cleaning systems to help remove larger solids and chemicals from the water.
  • Replacement filter for GO H2O DI Systems 

A Carbon pre-filter acts a bit like a sediment filter. The dense carbon block helps remove larger solids and particles from the water as well as some chemicals that you may find in the town water supply. You will generally find this filter before other final filters in window cleaning to achieve pure water cleaning. This is to increase the lifespan of the D.I Resin (Deionization systems) and/or R.O Membranes (Reverse Osmosis systems).


To replace your carbon pre-filter:

  1. Remove your system from the water supply.
  2. Release any pressure in the carbon pre-filter by opening the bleeder valve with a flat head screwdriver half a turn, this is located on top of the carbon prefilter. (this is also to allow any air escape when filling the housing back up with water)
  3. Use a filter wrench/ spanner (for GO H2O DI Systems please use Filter Wrench) to unscrew the cover from the pre-filter base.
  4.   If the filter has not already dropped into the cover, grab the carbon filter and pull down, removing it from the top or base.
  5. Insert the new filter into the centre of the base, ensuring the 2 black O rings are level on the new filter and the filter is in firmly and level to the base.
  6.  Screw the cover back onto the base using the filter wrench (make sure the O ring is still in place between the base and cover)
  7. Connect your system back to the water supply and slowly fill up the system with water.
  8. When the carbon prefilter is full and all the air has escaped from the housing through bleeder valve, close the valve by tightening the screw.
  9. Allow the pressure to slowly increase, keeping an eye out for any leaks from between the joints, valves and the cover. Address any issues by tightening or fixing any lose or damaged fittings.
  10. Check that your system is in normal operation by watching the pressure gauge on the system and opening and closing the pure water outlet. You want to see if the pressure has increased back to normal and holds with all valves off as well as testing if water flow and volume is normal.

If you are unsure of the replacement filter you need for your GO H2O DI Systems, please send a photo and the dimensions of your filter to our email and we will get back to you.