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Squeegee Rubbers Sorbo, Rubber 50 ft

Rubber 50 ft
Rubber 50 ft
Rubber 50 ft

Rubber 50 ft

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Product Description

  • The extra long 50 ft silicon blade is efficient and easy
  • Save money through buying in bulk and cut lengths as required to fit all squeegee sizes
  • Made from a softer compound than other rubbers, the silicon naturally lubricates itself over night
  • Another quality Sorbo product

Weight 1.130 kg
Dimensions 41 x 3 x 19 cm


Sorbo products are the brain-child of Sorbo Samuelson, a US-based window cleaner and innovator. Sorbo understands that time is money for the professional window cleaner and has invented many time-saving tools and techniques for window cleaners worldwide. WCO recommend Sorbo Products as high-quality tools.