What is Window Trim and How to Maintain It?

What is Window Trim and How to Maintain It?

The anatomy of a window is not as simple as you may think. A timber, metal, or PVC frame encases the glass panel, but there are more components to the entire window. Some have a practical function, while others may be purely decorative. Window trim, casing and moulding are the pieces surrounding the glass panels, contributing to the final structure of a window.

What Is Window Trim?

Window trim is the wooden or composite element that covers and seals the seams around the window. After the contractor installs the window in the wall opening, the seams are still exposed, so they must install trim to cover up these gaps.

Window trim can a beautiful way of showcasing a home's architectural style. It can be discreet and painted to match the walls or create a lovely contrast with clashing colours. Homes in Northern Europe are great examples of colour-block window casings.

Trim vs. Casing vs. Moulding

You may hear the terms trim, moulding and casing used interchangeably. Moulding generally refers to any kind of wooden, plaster, or composite element that covers the seams around doors and windows or between wall panels.

On the other hand, casing is the moulding specifically around doors and windows. It provides protection and insulation. The moulding also makes windows and doors look more elegant and refined, especially when they are uniform in style with the rest of the house.

How Trim Protects Your Window

Trim is not only a decorative element to the interior and the facade. It serves the crucial purpose of sealing the gaps between the window and the walls. Some of the practical functions of window trim include:

  • It provides some insulation. Rain, snow, drafts and debris will not be able to enter your home through the gaps around your windows and doors.
  • Thermal insulation is possible due to the trim around the windows and doors. Without them, cold air might get inside during winter and cool air from the air conditioning would escape during the summer. 
  • Trim keeps your house free of pests. Ants, rodents, and other critters will have a harder time finding a way inside. 
  • It also provides security because trim makes breaking in more difficult for intruders.

Maintenance and Care

The best way to maintain the window trim in your home is to inspect it every time you clean your windows. A proper window cleaning routine must include moulding around the glass. A mild soapy solution and a soft rag are often enough to remove loose dirt from most materials. Check periodically for leaks, mould, condensation, or other issues.

If you want to keep your window trim in pristine condition, it is important to take good care of it. Microfibre cloths are great for removing dust and debris and making everything shine after soaping and rinsing. Professional-grade window detergents can be used for extra hard stains or dirt, but remember do a spot check before using them on your trim.

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