New Year Window Inspection Checklist and Other Home Maintenance Tips

New Year Window Inspection Checklist and Other Home Maintenance Tips

The start of a new year is one of the best times to work on home improvement projects and ensure that your home is well-maintained. In this post, we give you some ideas for your new year home maintenance, from your windows and walls to your roof and gutters.

Things to Look Out for When Inspecting Your Windows

Inspecting your windows is crucial to maintaining your home. Here are some things to look out for:

Water Damage

If you notice cracked, swollen framing or chipped paint on your windows, these may be signs of water damage. Consider calling a specialist to have a second look.

Mould or Algae

Mould and algae might look like dirt at first. Take a closer look after giving your windows a thorough cleaning. If the spots are still there, you may have a bigger problem.

Chipped or Broken Glass

The glass panels of your windows should remain intact, without any chipping or cracking. Damage to the glass can easily lead to condensation and water infiltration into your home.

Faulty Hardware

It’s also important that the locks, hinges, cranks and other hardware on your windows work smoothly to ensure the easy operation of your windows. Inspect each one and apply some mineral oil or grease if necessary.

Caulking and Sealant

Check every centimetre of caulking on the exterior of your windows. Look for a tight seal and reapply the sealant if you notice any gaps or cracks.

Window Framing

Check the framing on the interior and exterior. If there are cracks or strange spots on your window frames, it may be wise to hire a specialist to assess the situation. Mould and mildew may also create small black or dark green spots on your window frames

Reviewing Your Roofs

When maintaining your home, don’t forget about a roof inspection either. Look for leaks, water infiltration or exposed steel on your roofs as these can indicate that your roof may require repairs. You can also keep an eye out for missing shingles, roofing tiles or signs of damage.

Gutters and Guard Rails

Inspect your gutters to make sure debris is not clogging them. Rainstorms can bring debris, dead leaves and dirt which can cause clogs. Check for leaks and sagging, as well as any rust or ruptures on your gutters

Another thing you should check is the integrity of guardrails on decks and staircases. Railings can weaken in time, which can lead to injuries and damage if they fall through. Test your guard railing by pushing it a little and see if it bends easily. You might want to reinforce or replace them if there is too much movement.

Get Your Window Cleaning Equipment from Window Cleaning Online

After inspecting your windows, it’s also important for you to clean them to prolong their lifespan. Cleaning your windows might also expose possible structural and maintenance issues that you can then repair.

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