What is Window Cleaning Resin and How to Use it?

What is Window Cleaning Resin and How to Use it?

When cleaning windows, it is crucial to use pure water to achieve a good result. Impurities in normal water, especially minerals, can leave streaks and make the dirt stay on the glass instead of being easily rinsed off. The latest technology in purifying water for window cleaning involves a new material that makes the process effective and sustainable: DI resin.

What Exactly Is Window Cleaning Resin

Window cleaning resin is a material that uses ionization to attract mineral molecules and other particles. These non-water particles are removed and replaced with water molecules forming when hydroxide ions combine.

There are multiple ways of using water purifying resin on the market. The best product you can get is virgin resin. As it does its job, the resin loses the ions it’s charged with and fills up with non-water particles. You may often find DI resin that changes colour when approaching its saturation point.

Resin can also go through a regeneration process. This process removes foreign particles that stick to the resin. The resin is then re-charged with the chemicals that need to react in the ionization process.

How Resin is Used to Clean Windows

In window cleaning, professionals use a water purifying system with water-fed poles. This system uses only water to remove debris and leave the windows sparkly clean. The equipment has a built-in deionization device that often uses resin.

In this case, the quality of the window cleaning depends on how well maintained this system is and how careful the cleaners are when assessing and replacing the D.I. resin. In some cases, the resin used in purifying the water is fouled or improperly regenerated through a batch process. In these cases, the water-fed pole will perform poorly and the client ultimately pays for a sub-par service.

Colour-changing resin is practical, but it’s always better to use a TDS meter (Total Dissolved Solids) when verifying it. It is especially required from professionals with a reputation to maintain. If you have colour-changing resin, don’t wait until it changes colour completely. Do a reading with the TDS meter when about 75% of the resin has changed colour.

What is D.I. Resin?

D.I. resin (deionization resin) uses a simple chemical process to remove foreign particles from the water, replacing them with pure water molecules. The deionization process works using two types of resin: cationic (-) and anionic (+). The two DI resins can be stored in separate tanks or mixed in the same resin bed.

This process is highly effective and does not release pollutants. It also does not let foreign particles escape and it is sustainable through regeneration. Thus, if you are cleaning your own windows at home, D.I. resin can be a great option to help you achieve a spotless shine.

Where to Buy Window Cleaning Resin

To ensure that your water-fed system works perfectly each time you are providing your window cleaning service, it is crucial that you find a trustworthy supplier of DI resin. Window Cleaning Online is one of the leading online stores in Australia for window cleaning supplies. Get your superior virgin resin from us and achieve a perfect clean on your windows!

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