The Ultimate Guide To Squeegees

The Ultimate Guide To Squeegees

If ever there was an icon to describe window cleaning a squeegee would be it. Squeegees have been used by window cleaners for over 100 years, offering an effortless finishing touch to the process. 

However, not all squeegees are created equal, especially those which you can find in any bargain store of your choice. After all, when the glide isn’t smooth and you keep having to go over the same spot, it hardly makes light work of cleaning your windows, does it? The phrase ‘buy cheap buy twice’ definitely springs to mind here!

That’s why it’s time to upgrade to an industry standard squeegee instead. Whether you’re only interested in cleaning your own windows, or if you’re a professional you’ll instantly be able to tell the difference.

What Are Squeegees For?

Squeegees are incredibly useful at removing moisture and mineral sediments from windows after they have been cleaned using traditional methods. If you don’t use a squeegee, the water and detergent would simply run off the windows creating a mess. It would also take ages to dry, and would be streaky when it did so.

However, the gliding action of a squeegee collects all of the liquid with ease. The rubber strip at the end of the frame makes contact with the glass to allow this to happen. A good quality squeegee will glide seamlessly without dragging, it also won’t have slackness in the middle of the rubber either, ensuring a perfect finish every time.

How To Use A Squeegee

Make sure your windows are wet before using a squeegee to prevent drag. Start on the left hand side of the window moving a couple of inches out and work into the top left corner. Then angle the squeegee towards the upper right corner of the window in one motion. Develop a nice rotation turning the handle back on itself towards the left again.

Make sure that with each rotation, you are gradually working down the glass. If you turn into the next movement but still have liquid above, try adjusting your technique. Or, switching to a larger squeegee to cover a larger surface area.

Rather than having a tight grip on the handle, it can be helpful to have a slightly loose grip which will allow for an easier pivot.

Did you know?: In 1992, Willie Erken invented a squeegee with a pivoting handle. This is more commonly known as the ‘Wagtail’ and is now a staple in the window cleaning profession.

Finding The Right Squeegee

When purchasing a squeegee you need to consider the material, flexion options, size and possible accessories it attaches to. Ideally, the frame will be of excellent quality and fit for your needs. That way, only the rubbers will need replacing and not the entire system!

A suitable beginner’s model would be the Wagtail Complete Squeegee. Its mechanism gradually widens the pivot range to enable greater accuracy and smooth movement. It requires a very light touch making ideal for smaller jobs.

On the other end of the scale, the Ettore Complete Squeegee is excellent for commercial windows. The length options go up to a whopping 36” making light work of large glass storefronts. It delivers a consistent pressure across the glass as you work for a spotless finish.

Maintaining Your Squeegee

The rubber of your squeegee is going to require maintenance, especially if you’re a professional. The reason is that sharp rubbers will achieve a better finish, due to the precision against the glass. Otherwise, streaks will appear and it will make the process a lot more difficult.

For perfect results, we recommend a new edge for each full day of use. While we stock several brands, Ettore replacement rubbers have an excellent reputation for quality and precision. Their flawless design has remained almost unchanged since 1936, which is almost as long as squeegees have been in use!

Need More Squeegee Help?

We hope you’ve found our ultimate guide to squeegees informative. If you live in the Melbourne area, why not give our window cleaning retail store a visit? We stock a wide range of squeegees plus other equipment and accessories for all your glass cleaning needs.

As Australia’s leading supplier of window cleaning products, we’d be more than happy to assist you with any queries you may have. Please give us a call on (03) 9818 3333 or drop us an email and we’ll be in touch.

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