Tips for Improving the Performance of Your Squeegee

Tips for Improving the Performance of Your Squeegee

One of the best tools for cleaning your windows is the humble squeegee. This piece of equipment was first invented at the turn of the century to help maintain the skyscrapers. The concept that inspired the inventor of the squeegee is a fisherman's tool for scraping fish guts off the deck. The smooth, straight edge glided off surfaces easily and left little filth behind.

With this history in mind, it's fascinating that the squeegee hasn't changed much over the decades. However, there is a way to improve its performance: squeegee lubricant.

What is Squeegee Lubricant?

A squeegee lubricant is a friction-reducing substance that slows the water evaporation on the glass panel, creating a water sheet that stays on longer. It is not a detergent, but you can add it to your regular window cleaning solutions to increase its effectiveness.

Squeegee lubricants are popular with professional window cleaners and homeowners alike, as it increases the lifespan of the squeegee’s rubber edge and makes the job easier and faster. This product is even handier in warm and hot climates, where window cleaning can be difficult when the sun is too hot.

The Benefits of Using Squeegee Lubricant

Here are the main reasons you should add a squeegee lubricant to your window cleaning kit:

Increases Ease of Use

Lubricant decreases friction, making gliding the squeegee along the glass easier. This can help you avoid streaks and reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning.  

Extends the Lifespan of Squeegee Rubber

If you use the lubricant regularly, it will prevent the squeegee’s rubber edge from drying and cracking. You can prolong the lifespan of your squeegees simply by adding just a few drops of product to the detergent.

Reduces Risk of Scratches

Sometimes you have no choice but to use a glass scraper to remove stubborn spots. Adding squeegee lubricant to the water or solution can help you avoid scratching the glass surface. 

How to Use a Squeegee and Squeegee Lubricant

Squeegee lubricant is not a detergent, but it reduces friction and prevents water from drying too quickly. Add the product to water as indicated on the package and use your other window cleaning tools as usual. When cleaning with a squeegee, use short, firm streaks with the squeegee blade pressed against the glass. This way, you prevent water or detergent from getting under the blade which can create streaks.

What is Sorbo Squeegee Glide?

Sorbo Squeegee Glide is a professional-grade squeegee lubricant. Just add a few drops of product to your detergent or water bucket and you will notice how effortless it is to use your squeegee.

Window Cleaning Made Easy

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