Tips for Cleaning Windows with Film

Tips for Cleaning Windows with Film

There are many ways to add features to your windows, from curtains and custom blinds to safety glass and window film. Regardless of your preferences, there’s bound to be a window that suits your needs. It's crucial to know how to maintain your windows to maximise their life span and ensure that they perform as intended. In this post, we take a look at how you can clean windows with film.

What Is Window Film?

Window film is a plastic-based material that adheres to the glass of your windows. It adds functionality to your windows, and there are many types of film that serve different purposes. Some may provide UV light blocking properties to your windows whereas others may increase the energy efficiency of your windows.

Types of Window Film

Here are some of the most common types of window film:

  • Insulating films: They help regulate indoor temperature by blocking heat or cold from entering your house.
  • UV-blocking films: This film type is used in sunny areas, as it protects the interior of your home from UV damage and keeps it cooler. 
  • Safety glass films: When applied, these films hold shards together should the window break. Also, they keep your home safer from intruders. 
  • Privacy films: If your windows are facing the street or a neighbour and you are concerned about privacy, install a privacy film over your windows to prevent others from looking in from the outside. 

What Cleaning Solutions Can Be Used on Window Film?

It’s important to choose the right cleaning solution for your treated windows to avoid damaging the film. Go with milder detergents or try cleaning such windows with purified water through a water-fed pole system.

Chemicals that Damage Window Film

Window film is prone to damage from harsh chemicals as its compounds react with certain substances. Steer away from detergents containing ammonia or citric acid, as they shorten the film's lifespan.

Can You Scrub Windows with Film Treatments?

Another crucial aspect to remember when cleaning windows with film treatments is to avoid scratches and abrasion. This limits your options for the tools and equipment in your window cleaning kit. For example, you may use a scrub and a wire sponge for your regular windows but this is out of the question for treated windows.

Other instruments and cleaning methods you should avoid include using a razor for stubborn spots or applying pressure with an abrasive cloth. For treated windows, use soft microfiber rags and towels. Avoid using these on the framing to prevent splinters from clinging to the cloths and damaging the film. 

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