A Step in the Tech Direction: Nano Coating for Windows

A Step in the Tech Direction: Nano Coating for Windows

Taking care of your home involves keeping up to date with a lot of maintenance and evaluation tasks. You will have to take care of the outside and inside of your home and clean it properly and frequently.

When it comes to windows, it's hard to tell how often you should dedicate a few hours to make them shine. It also depends on the local climate and other conditions, such as wind, dust, nearby construction sites, vegetation, and other factors. But what if you can do some preventing work as well? Besides keeping your windows as clean as possible to avoid dirt building up, you can also get less dust by using nano coating technology.

What is Nano Coating?

Nano coating for glass and ceramics is a transparent sealant that bonds with the material, giving it a highly glossy finish that doesn't hold dirt and prevents fogging or infestation with microorganisms like mould or fungi.

Industrial scientists first developed nano-coating and self-cleaning glass around two decades ago. They discovered that covering glass with a thin sealant layer makes it harder to hold dirt. Glass surfaces often have micro craters and scratches that trap dirt and moisture. Nanoparticles in the sealant fill in those holes and cracks.

The Benefits of Nano Coating

Nano-coating applied on windows is not visible, but its effects will be noticeable. The glass becomes self-cleaning, rejecting dirt, dust, and liquids. Here are some of the benefits of having nano-coated glass:

  • The glass is protected from erosion and damage from mould, coarse dirt, and other particles
  • Quicker and more affordable ways to keep your windows clean 
  • Gives your windows an extra shine, a subtle yet effective detail from both the outside and the inside 
  • Nano coating acts like an insulator, lowering your energy consumption 
  • Lower costs of window maintenance by reducing the consumption of window cleaning supplies

Applying nano-coating on your windows is a cost-effective way of prolonging the lifespan of your windows and maintaining them in top shape for years to come.

Is Nano Coating Expensive?

The cost of applying nano coating on your windows is a mere fraction of what new windows would cost you. A litre of nano/coating liquid is highly affordable, around $30, and can cover up to 25 square meters of glass.

A professional company will come and apply the nano-coating to your windows. The price will include the cost of a deep window cleaning as the glass must be spotless and degreased before the coating can be applied.

Care and Maintenance

Nano-coating makes window maintenance less costly and last longer. Nano coating also allows for less invasive window cleaning methods, such as water and microfiber rags for a simple swipe and wipe. Nonetheless, regular cleaning with professional window cleaning supplies are still essential to help you keep your windows in good shape.

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