What Is Solar Film for Your Windows?

What Is Solar Film for Your Windows?

Renewable energy is the future, and technology makes it possible in many ways. At the same time, new appliances and home systems are increasingly efficient, helping homes and business save energy.

One of the ways to have a achieve eco-friendly home is to equip it with solar film windows. These fantastic, specialised windows block UV light and prevent heat exchange with the exterior.

The Power of Solar Tech

The sun can be our friend and foe in the quest for a cleaner, greener future. We can harvest its energy and convert it into electricity. At the same time, many climates force their inhabitants to use air conditioning because of the heat, using quite a lot of energy and contributing to global warming.

Keeping the balance between our energy needs and resources can only be done if we are conscious and proactive, even in the little things. Long-term investments, like smarter and greener homes, can provide financial savings and can encourage a more responsible approach to home improvement.

What is Solar Film?

Solar film is a sheet of polyester laminate that bonds with the window glass panes, filtering UV light. By blocking most of the UV rays from the outside, this film drastically reduces the heat that enters a home or space.

Solar film is easy to install on existing windows, so you won't have to replace the entire fenestration in your home. It can also refine the look of your windows, giving them a pleasant sheen and a very smooth finish.

A History of Solar Film

3M was the company to first develop and introduce solar film on the market. UV light-blocking technology has come a long way since 1966 when 3M sold its dye-based window film. Today, 3M still manufactures high-quality solar film that efficiently blocks glare, light, and heat from the sun.

Solar Film Vs. Solar Screens

Solar film is not the only option you have for blocking UV light from the inside of your home. An alternative is to install solar screens on the exterior of your windows and doors. The efficiency of solar screens will depend on how tightly woven they are.

While they are significantly cheaper and quite efficient for their price, solar screens have some disadvantages. They block most of the light and are harder to maintain. You will probably need to replace them much earlier than you would with solar film.

Caring for Solar Film Windows

If you already have solar film installed on your windows, it's crucial to know how to take care of them properly. Stay away from any abrasive window cleaning supplies or ammonia-based solutions. Harsh chemicals or mechanical actions can easily scratch the solar window film.

Instead, us lint-free microfiber rags, mild detergents, or a water-fed pole to clean your windows. If you’re in the market for window cleaning supplies, don’t hesitate to visit Window Cleaning Online to browse our extensive catalogue of tools and equipment. We offer a wide range of window cleaning solutions to help you meet all your window cleaning needs.

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