How to Safely Use a Window Glass Scraper

How to Safely Use a Window Glass Scraper

Windows are prone to dirt and debris coming from both the inside and the outside of a building. They generally only need regular maintenance, but sometimes you might have to remove much more stubborn dirt from them. Oils, resins, paint, tree sap, dust and pollen, and other impurities get stuck on windows and harden into a hard-to-clean layer.

If you are dealing with difficult dirt or sticky residue on your windows, you might need more than detergent and a squeegee. Window scrapers can be used for these tasks, and knowing how to properly use one can help you avoid damaging your glass windows.

What is a Window Glass Scraper?

A window scraper is a professional-grade blade scraper that you can use on most windows. You can buy several blade sizes, from pocket size to 5 and 6-inch scrapers. When choosing a scraper, you should consider the size of the window that you are cleaning and whether you can comfortably use it.

The blade of a window glass scraper has to be thin enough and placed properly in its handle so that it's easy to angle it correctly. Other scrapers can be too thick or angled incorrectly and they may damage the glass or not be efficient against dirt.

Razor Vs. Scraper

When you need to scrape dirt off a window, it might be tempting to use a razor blade for the job. However, it's dangerous to handle a loose blade for scraping dirt off as there is no handle or insert track there to protect you. A window scraper only leaves a narrow portion of the blade exposed, and it's still dangerous to use. Never try to force the dirt of - instead, use small movements to prevent accidents and only use specialised window cleaning tools for best results.

Should You Clean Your Window First?

Besides choosing the correct scraper for your windows, you will have to use the proper method when cleaning the dirt off in order to achieve a pristine result. 

Here are the three steps to follow when removing debris from the windows with a scraper:

  • Always lubricate your windows before using a scraper on them. You can generously rinse them with water before scraping or apply a soapy solution. Mild detergent or dish soap help the scraper dislodge the dirt more easily. 
  • Test on a small spot before going in with a scraper. Don't use a scraper on treated windows, such as UV filter, tinted, or acrylic windows. 
  • Start from the sides of the windows and scrape inwards instead of outwards from the middle. Only move the scraper forward, never side-to-side or backward, as the latter can easily scratch the windows. Clean the blade with a rag every time debris accumulates under the blade.

What Type of Window Glass Scraper to Use

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