How to Safely Use a Ladder When Cleaning Your Windows

How to Safely Use a Ladder When Cleaning Your Windows

Many homeowners take it upon themselves to keep the windows of their homes shiny and clean. However, there are few cases when one can handle this task perfectly, as windows often have hard-to-reach areas. Cleaning the inside of your windows might be simple but dealing with the exterior can often be a different type of challenge.

Cleaning your windows is even more difficult when your home has tall windows, wall-to-wall fenestration, or multiple stories that you need to reach from both sides. For these reasons, window cleaning can be a risky task. In this post, we examine some tips that can help you use ladders, the most crucial piece of window cleaning equipment for high windows, safely and properly.

Safety First

One of the most straightforward solutions to reaching tall windows is to use a ladder. However, you must know the safety tips you need to use to prevent injuries and even death.

According to Product Safety Australia, most people who get injured or lose their lives after falling from a ladder were using their ladders to perform house maintenance tasks. Some of the mishaps that may occur as a result of you incorrectly using a ladder include:

  • If the ladder is not the right size for the job, it makes the person using it overextend or shift the centre of gravity too far out. 
  • A ladder can easily fall if it’s not firmly secured at the base. The ground beneath a ladder has to be firm and levelled, and free of debris. 
  • Injury victims often report skipping steps when climbing down, overreaching, or not having three support points when on the ladder. This most commonly results in slips and falls, causing injuries such as concussions.

Size Matters

Having the right height for the ladder is also crucial for safety. If your ladder is too short, it can make you overreach and lose balance. If it’s too long, it will keep you too far from the window, which also leads to overreaching and could cause you to fall.

The best way to ensure safe ladder use when window cleaning is by using a sectional ladder that enables you to adjust its length as you move to different levels of the windows.

Inspect Your Ladders Before Use

Before using a ladder for working at height, inspect it to make sure it’s in good condition and ready to use. Carefully check all the elements of the ladder to identify any damage that might make the ladder unsafe. Bent or missing pieces like stiles, feet, and locking bars make the ladder unsafe, so consider repairing or replacing it.


When cleaning your windows, you will also need to have your window cleaning supplies on the ladder with you, making them easily accessible and help you avoid potential accidents. Window Cleaning Online provides a wide range of window cleaning supplies and ladder accessories to help you make your window cleaning experience a safe and pleasant one. Check out our online catalogue today!

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