How to Remove Paint and Graffiti from Your Windows

How to Remove Paint and Graffiti from Your Windows

For most of us, window cleaning is something that we don’t often give a second thought to. With most windows, the most common thing that you’re cleaning off them is dust and grime, which can often be easily removed simply using a window cleaning cloth and some standard window cleaning solution.

However, when it comes to more stubborn and harder to remove stains such as paint and graffiti, the usual arsenal of window cleaning tools you’re used to might not be enough. In this post, we take a closer look at how you can safely and effectively remove paint and graffiti from your windows without causing any unnecessary damage.

The Importance of Prompt Removal

There are many ways paint and graffiti might get onto your windows. You could have been repainting your home or having some murals added to your walls when some specks of paint accidentally fall onto your windows. Regardless of the reason, it is crucial for you to ensure that you try to remove any paint or graffiti as soon as possible. This is because the longer it takes you to remove such stains, the harder it is to do so.

Over time, paint can harden and can adhere to your windows very strongly. If this happens, you would be hard pressed to get rid of the paint stains using standard window cleaning tools alone. You would likely require window scrapers that enable you to get under the stains and remove them. A specialised window cleaning solution or acetone can also help to soften up the paint stains and make them easier to get rid of.

Ensuring That You Use Proper Safety Equipment

When cleaning your windows of paint and graffiti, it is important for you to ensure that you use the proper safety equipment. For instance, if you’re using a scraper, you should also wear a pair of gloves to avoid cutting yourself on the sharp edge of the blade.

Similarly, if you opt to use stronger cleaning solutions or acetone to clean your windows, it is also important for you to wear gloves and a mask. The gloves can help you to avoid irritation on your skin and the mask can help you to avoid inhaling any fumes which may be harmful to your health.

Choosing the Proper Tools

At the same time, you should also remember to ensure that you choose the proper tools that are suitable for your windows. For example, if your windows have special coatings or treatments, it may be better to opt for less harsh cleaning solutions or less abrasive cleaning tools to avoid damaging your windows and shortening their lifespans.

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