A Quick Guide to Solar Panel Care

A Quick Guide to Solar Panel Care

Installing solar panels at home can be a long-term investment in renewable, sustainable energy. Carbon-based fossil fuels bring so many disadvantages, including pollution and the greenhouse effect, and they come from a non-regenerative source. Solar panels might have a high upfront cost, but they harvest clean energy and will you will recoup your investment in no time.

Manufacturers use tempered glass for solar panels, making them durable and resistant. However, regular cleaning and proper maintenance are still needed to keep them in good working condition.

What Kinds of Dirt Affect Solar Panels?

Most often, the best place for solar panels is the roof. Since most homes have a gable (or A-shaped) roof, the solar panels will lean at an angle. This makes cleaning easier since rain will wash off most layers of dust and pollen.

However, the weather in Victoria is unpredictable, and you may experience gales and strong winds that bring with them plenty of dust and debris. Debris can become stuck between the panels and cause cracks or chips in your solar panels during extreme weather. Besides dust, solar panels can get dirty with debris from the vegetation around them, including falling branches, bird droppings, and moss growth.

Safety First

To keep the solar panels on your house in top shape and help them harvest energy efficiently, focus on regular maintenance and cleaning. Because solar panels lay on the roof of the house, the biggest challenge in cleaning them is staying safe when working at heights.

If you opt to tackle the cleaning yourself, use sturdy, proper ladders and safety equipment to prevent serious injuries. Equip yourself with appropriate cleaning tools that have long handles, such as water-fed poles and telescopic squeegees.

Solar Solutions

Solar panels are made of glass, so you don't need to buy products dedicated exclusively to solar panels. However, it's crucial to choose the correct glass detergent. Pure water and a mild, efficient detergent will remove oils, dust, moss, and all dirt. Choose a biodegradable detergent because it will get around your home, and you don't want harmful chemicals in your soil or water system.

You should also deep clean your solar panels every 6 months. If cleaned regularly, monthly maintenance can be as easy as running clean water over them to clear away light dirt and debris.

Cleaning Tools to Avoid

Avoid abrasive substances or tools when cleaning your solar panels as these can cause irreversible damage to your solar panels. Scratching the glass will affect the panel's ability to absorb light, and repairs can be very expensive. Thus, avoid using scrubbing pads, stiff bristle brushes, or glass scrapers to clean your solar panels.

Microfiber and More

A mild detergent and soft rags or squeegees are delicate and efficient enough for solar panels. Microfiber rags leave the glass spotless, clean it quickly, and don't leave any lint or streaks. Softer squeegees are also helpful, especially if you equip them with an extension pole.

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