What Is Pure Water Cleaning And How Does It Work?

What Is Pure Water Cleaning And How Does It Work?

When you have the windows cleaned on your residential or commercial building, it makes a huge difference. Clean windows improve the look of the property and give the right first impression to your visitors. 

Due to dirt and pollution that accumulates every day, your windows need to be cleaned regularly. One of the most advanced systems that will allow you to do the job with ease and give you professional results is known as pure water cleaning.

Here’s everything you need to know about pure water cleaning and how it works to tell you more. 

Pure Water Cleaning: An Overview

As the name suggests, pure water cleaning uses purified water. You might be wondering what’s so special about pure water? Well, when you are looking to clean your windows, it makes little sense to do so using regular water which will leave impurities not to mention droplet marks behind, owing to the sediments that can be found in most water sources.

The water in pure water cleaning goes through a process of reverse osmosis and is regularly tested to ensure no impurities are detected. It is bottled in a tank that is connected to a hose reel. This then connects to an extendable pole which has a brush on the end.

The brush is where the pure water will emerge from. The bristles work in tandem with the pure water, to agitate dirt from the surface of the glass and the surrounding window frames. Once completed, the windows will air dry quickly without leaving any streaks or droplet marks behind. The whole process can be completed in a matter of minutes. 

Pure Water Cleaning Vs Traditional Window Cleaning Methods

The classic way of cleaning a window is to head up on a ladder with a cloth and squeegee in hand. The trouble is, balancing on a ladder while also trying to scrub windows clean is a hazard. Plus, the actual method of using traditional tools is physically demanding. Even if you’re a professional window cleaner, the old way of doing things will make the job much more strenuous than it needs to be.

Plus, without the right tools and cleaning solutions, you can’t guarantee a streak-free finish either. Especially when using regular water which varies significantly in quality depending on your location.

Pure water cleaning has completely reimagined window cleaning with many of these pain points in mind. It uses purified water, meaning you aren’t effectively adding to the dirt while simultaneously trying to clean it. The brush is even connected to an extendable pole, meaning you can remain firmly on the ground even when cleaning the upper floors of a building.

What Surfaces Are Suitable For Pure Water Cleaning?

Windows are the primary surface used for pure water cleaning, due to the convenience of how effective it is. All without having to scale a ladder or go over your work with a squeegee!

However, in recent years the process has become so popular, it’s now regularly carried out on cars and boats too. How it works is much the same for cars and boats, except a brush that has soft flocked bristles is used instead.

Compare pure water cleaning to hours spent doing a detailed clean with a sponge, and it’s easy to see why the process has boomed in popularity, especially for those who own luxury assets. After all, how can you spend time enjoying your car or boat, if you have to spend all day trying to clean it? Pure water cleaning makes the entire process simple and easy.

Pure Water Cleaning Benefits

  • Purified water gives a streak-free finish
  • Extendable pole scales heights on your behalf
  • Surface air dries perfectly without the need for a squeegee
  • Impeccable cleaning power without the need for harsh chemicals
  • Various bristle types available to suit all surfaces
  • Suitable for windows, cars and boats

Pure Water Cleaning Melbourne

We hope you’ve found the above information on what is pure water cleaning and how does it work helpful. If you live in the Melbourne area, why not give our window cleaning retail store a visit? We stock a wide range of equipment, including pure water cleaning systems.

As Australia’s leading supplier of window cleaning products, we’d be more than happy to assist you with any queries you may have. Please give us a call on (03) 9818 3333 or drop us an email and we’ll be in touch.

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