Tis the Season: How to Prep Your Windows for Holiday Displays

Tis the Season: How to Prep Your Windows for Holiday Displays

The year-end holidays tend to evoke a sense of whimsical, childlike wonder in all of us. From the sparkle of Christmas lights to the glow of richly scented holiday candles and intricate seasonal wreaths, there are endless possibilities when it comes to creating the perfect holiday feeling in your home.

One of the focal points of holiday decor can be your windows. Visible from both the inside and outside of your home, they are a quintessential part of the seasonal preparations. To get a better idea of how to perfectly prep your windows and avoid costly damage and sticky goo mishaps, here are a few suggestions on ways to decorate your windows safely for the holidays.

Plan Ahead

Even though it may not seem like a complicated task, choosing the right types of window displays is important in keeping the glass and framing of your windows unharmed.

Safe window decoration ideas

Window clings are a type of self-adhesive gel sticker that you easily apply on your windows and take off without leaving any marks or damage.

Hanging decorations with a fishing line is one of the best systems to protect your windows. You can keep wreaths and glitter ornaments away from the glass of your windows, preventing scratches.

Use the curtain rods to hang lights, ribbons, wreaths, and other items in the window. Putting decorations directly on the window frame can cause damage or expose the glass to cracks and wear.

Window decorations you should avoid

While double-sided tape might seem like a good idea, we recommend not using it to install holiday decorations on your windows. The same goes for ordinary stickers. Both contain strong glue that can stick to the glass or leave residue behind.

You might know a trick or two to remove either of these decorations from the glass with ease, but the window cleaning process needed afterward can be too harsh on your windows.

First Clean and Then Add the Gleam!

One of the best tips for preparing your windows before hanging or applying any decorations is to give them a good clean first. Crystal clear windows dramatically improve the overall look of your home, especially during the holiday season, when lights and darkness come together and create beautiful reflections all around.

Give all your windows a professional treatment with the right window cleaning supplies before installing your decorations. Since schedules tend to get hectic during the holidays, investing in efficient window cleaning tools can help you get the job done better and faster. Window Cleaning Online is the premier supplier of window cleaning supplies in Australia for individuals and businesses alike. Get all the tools you need to prepare your windows for the holidays with Window Cleaning Online.

By taking extra good care of your windows and installing the right decor, you will have beautiful, durable decorations for the whole winter season. Follow these simple instructions for the right window decals and avoid the painful clean-up afterward.

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