The Power of Angle Adaptors in Window Cleaning

The Power of Angle Adaptors in Window Cleaning

If you’ve ever cleaned your windows at home, you’ve probably found yourself struggling to clean certain high windows or windows in inaccessible parts of the house. You might have come up with innovative ways to reach these windows, or you might have given up completely on cleaning them and resorted to simply leaving them unclean.

But did you know that there is actually a tool that can make your cleaning of these nooks and crannies much easier? This tool is the angle adaptor, and it enables you to extend your window cleaning equipment to easily reach previously inaccessible windows. In this post, we take a closer look at what angle adaptors are and how to use them.

What are Angle Adaptors?

Angle adaptors are a type of accessory that is typically used in conjunction with extendable window cleaning poles. They can be attached to the end of the pole and connect the pole with whatever tool you want to use to clean a window, such as a squeegee.

Angle adaptors are typically made of PVC plastic and very closely resemble a PVC pipe. The most unique feature of an angle adaptor is its ability to be adjusted to different angles and then held in place. This can help you access tough to reach spots such as windows that are high up or behind a ledge.

How to Use Angle Adaptors

Using an angle adaptor is relatively straightforward. To start, you will need to ensure that your angle adaptor is compatible with the extension pole and window cleaning tool that you intend to use. When purchasing an angle adaptor, do a quick check on its specifications to ensure that it works with your existing equipment.

After ensuring that you have a compatible angle adaptor, simply attach it to the end of your window cleaning pole, following the instructions provided by the manufacturer. There will often be a mechanism to help to lock it in place. Then, attach your window cleaning tool, following the same instructions. Finally, adjust the angle adaptor to your desired angle before securing it in place. You can then use your window cleaning pole to start cleaning.

Other Window Cleaning Supplies to Use Together with Angle Adaptors

While angle adaptors may be powerful window cleaning tools, they are ineffective if not paired up with the right window cleaning supplies. Here are some of the other supplies that you will need to use together with your angle adaptor in order to ensure that you effectively clean your windows:

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