Mirrored Windows: More Than Meets the Eye

Mirrored Windows: More Than Meets the Eye

While most of us love for our homes to receive plenty of natural light, it's equally important to be able to feel safe in our private space. Privacy and security mean keeping prying eyes away. Homeowners often use customised blinds or curtains to achieve this. However, there's an elegant solution that can give you both privacy and security all in one and in style: mirrored windows.

What are Mirrored Windows?

Mirrored windows are made by applying a reflective layer on one side of the glass panel. This way, you can still see through the windows from the inside, but not the other way around. This window type was preferred early on by businesses where customers needed privacy, such as banks.

There is no perfect one-way mirror window, as the mirror effect depends on the brightness on each side of the glass. When you install mirrored windows, you will enjoy the privacy during the day, but once it's darker outside than inside, you may have to use curtains or blinds.

Why Use Mirrored Windows?

Besides offering privacy and security by not letting people on the outside see what is going on inside the building, mirrored windows are also energy-efficient. The reflective layer keeps UV light out, preventing it from heating the indoor air. As an added benefit, mirrored windows protect your furniture, carpets, and other items from discoloration by filtering out overpowering sunlight.

Mirrors vs. Mirrored Windows

Household mirrors and mirrored windows are different in some of the ways they are made. Most wall mirrors are crafted from a type of glass called 'float glass'. Float glass for mirrors is a standard flat glass sheet later lined with aluminium or silver on the back side. This film is typically 4 - 6 millimetres thick.

While float glass can be used to craft mirrored windows, windows are usually made from laminated or multi-layered glass or thicker pane safety glass. This gives them more durability and resistance to wear and tear.

Mirrored Window Maintenance

Most often, mirrored windows have a reflective film. A more durable custom window may use mirror glass, which has a reflective side that is incorporated as part of the windowpane instead of being applied afterward. Nonetheless, because of its practical qualities and affordability, mirror film is more popular among many homeowners.

If you decide to apply mirror film to your existing windows, it is important to maintain it regularly. As with any glass film, you must use gentle methods and tools to remove dirt and debris. Luckily, specialised window cleaning supplies make the task quick and easy.

Mirrored Mistakes

It might be tempting to use harsher methods if you have a stubborn layer of dirt on your mirrored windows. However, keep away the scrapers, steel wool pads, and abrasive detergents as these can end up causing damage to your windows. Instead, use gentle window cleaning tools such as specialised window detergents and squeegees to clean your mirrored windows.

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