What Material Makes the Best Cloth for Glass Cleaning?

What Material Makes the Best Cloth for Glass Cleaning?

You’re armed with your glass cleaning product and are ready to give those windows a facelift in search of that streak-free finish. Perhaps you’ve done some research and found the best product to use for a hassle-free clean of your windows’ interiors. The product you use is only half the battle though. Often overlooked is the glass cleaning cloth that you use to wipe your windows clean.

Should you be using a microfiber cloth to clean your windows, or is the old tried and trusted paper towel the best suitor for the job? Does each material of cloth work just as well with each variety of glass cleaner? We’ve done the research and the testing so that you can skip the guess work. Here is our list of the most common cloth materials used to clean glass, and which are the most effective.

Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber cloths are the agreed upon winners when it comes to glass cleaning. These cloths made of polyester and polyamides are great for sensitive surfaces like glass. They attract lint and dust, and soak up your window cleaning product to leave your windows with that professional-quality finish.

One thing to consider is that you do need to take care when washing your microfiber cloths. You want to avoid using any strong soaps, as well as detergents, fabric softeners, and bleaches. If your cloths are only lightly soiled, washing them with cool or warm water by hand should be enough to return them to a like-new state. If they are heavily soiled, you can machine wash them in cool or warm water. If you need to use a detergent, use one without a scent or laundry additives.

Microfiber cloths have the advantage of being quick to dry so air-drying them does not take all day in the sun. If you are going to machine dry your microfiber cloths however, make sure to thoroughly clean out your lint trap before and after drying your cloths. Don’t add dryer sheets or balls and run the dryer on a low-heat cycle.

Terry Cloth

Terry cloths are an adequate alternative to microfiber cloths. Terry cloths are usually 100% cotton and can absorb a large amount of liquid. Common products made using terry cloth include diapers, towels, and sweatbands.

Terry cloths are better suited for deeper cleaning than microfiber cloths because they are thicker and more durable. If you are using water and soap to clean your windows as opposed to a spray bottle glass cleaner, terry cloths will be a better partner for the job. Low-quality terry cloths may leave behind lint and residue so make sure you opt for a high quality cloth.

Paper Towels

Paper towels are usable but not recommended for cleaning glass. Because of their fragile composition, they are prone to leaving behind lint and fuzz on your windows. We’d recommend opting for a microfiber cloth instead of paper towels.


Glass is a sensitive compound, and to get the best results you’ll want to use a cloth that is designed to perform well with sensitive materials. Our top choice for window cleaning cloths are the microfiber varieties. Visit our online store to find the best cloths available specifically designed for wiping windows to a streak-free clean.

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