The Ins and Outs of Maintaining Acrylic Windows

The Ins and Outs of Maintaining Acrylic Windows

Almost every building in the world contains windows, and they can come in various styles and materials. Depending on your needs, windows can also have many different functions, ranging from being purely decorative to climate control.

Although the first material that probably comes to mind when you think of windows is glass, you can get highly performant acrylic panels that perform much better than glass and provide more benefits. Windows made using such acrylic panels are commonly referred to as plexiglass windows and they require just as much maintenance as their glass counterparts.

What Are Acrylic Windows

Acrylic windows are made of a plastic material obtained from petrol and natural gas. They are widely used in commercial and residential buildings, airplane windows, water tanks, and other items.

Acrylic windowpanes are much lighter compared to glass ones. They are also more resistant to impact, and if they break, they don't shatter into hundreds of sharp pieces. This makes them ideal if you have children or larger pets and you want to prevent accidents. It's also a fantastic material for increased security if you are concerned about break-ins.

Where Are Acrylic Windows Used?

The many benefits of acrylic windows have made them ideal for many applications. They are fit for water tanks used in water features or habitats for marine and water animals. You can glue, cement and mould acrylic glass, making it versatile and suitable if you require atypical shapes and sizes of glass.

You can also find acrylic windows in airplanes because of their lightweight and durable nature. They will not sustain damage from the temperature changes and pressure differences while still providing plenty of natural light and visibility.

Cleaning Your Acrylic Windows

Most homeowners would assume that generic window cleaning supplies work on any window type. But when you have specialized windows like acrylic ones, it's crucial to know how to care for them properly.

Here are 3 tools that you should have when cleaning acrylic windows:

  • Microfiber rags and towels: any abrasive action can scratch or dull the surface of acrylic windows, affecting their clarity. Use soft microfiber towels when applying detergent solutions or when rinsing them off. 
  • Mild, non-abrasive detergents: many detergents can damage acrylic windows, even dedicated ones. Choose a detergent that is good for this type of window.
  • Plastic polish: if your acrylic windows need deeper cleaning, you can restore their shine and clarity using a buffer and plastic polish.

What Not to Use

Avoid ammonia-based detergents (like Windex), alcohol, or aromatic hydrocarbons. These chemicals can corrode acrylic glass, making your windows cloudy and dull. You should also avoid tools that can scratch the surface or the glass such as brushes, steel wool, or even paper towels.

Crystal Clear Cleaning

Keeping your acrylic windows clean and shiny is easy when you know what kind of product you have in your home. Here at Window Cleaning Online, we have all the tools and supplies that you will need to clean your windows, acrylic or not. Browse our catalogue or get in touch with us today to get your window cleaning needs sorted!

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