How Do Professionals Clean Windows?

How Do Professionals Clean Windows?

Any homeowner wants to have sparkly clean, shiny windows all the time. Clean windows let in natural light and give you a view of the outside world. Ensuring that windows are clean is one of the things real estate agents do first when staging a home. Moreover, dirty windows can bring down the overall feel of your home quite a lot and make your abode feel more drab and dreary.

So how can you get extra shiny windows without hiring a pro to do it every time? To answer that, here are some tips and tricks to clean your windows like a professional window cleaner, every time.

Window Cleaning Equipment

The right tools make a huge difference when it comes to cleaning windows. We will list some of the items that all professional window washers have in their window cleaning equipment.

Professional cleaners use squeegees, cobweb brushes, extendable window cleaning poles, water-fed poles, and other tools designed to clean glass and leave it sparkly clean.

Some professional cleaners, especially those who work for business clients, use window cleaning machines. These machines use steam or water pressure to give a pristine clean. They make the job faster and easier, but it might not be necessary for a regular household unless you deal with a lot of hardened dirt.

Window Cleaning Supplies

Besides using the right window cleaning equipment, it’s important to clean your windows with the proper detergents, water, and cloth. Professionals use pure water to clean and rinse windows because it doesn’t contain minerals that could deposit on the glass, leaving it stained, cloudy, and prone to attract dirt.

Detergents for cleaning windows should be formulated to avoid excess bubbles or oily films. This happens when cleaning with different types of detergents. Formulas usually contain alcohol or vinegar, but heavy-duty detergents use ammonia for best results.


You might not think there’s much to it, but the technique used when cleaning windows is important too. Depending on what kind of dirt you are dealing with, you will want to scrape your windows carefully, without scratching them. Additionally, you should also take care not to soak them in a detergent solution before going in with the squeegee.

When rinsing the detergent solution off, use the squeegee to move the water and soap scum effectively, without leaving droplets or streaks behind. Apply firm movements and use an extendable window cleaning pole for those higher windows.

After pushing all the water and soap off the windows, go over them with a lint-free, microfiber cloth to give them that nice sparkly finish.

Easy as One, Two, Clean!

As you can tell, pros do have some tricks up their sleeves when it comes to leaving your windows sparkly clean. Overall, it’s a simple job when you have the right tools and supplies for it. If you invest in a good window washing kit for your home, you will achieve enviable results without having to call the pros each time.

If you have tried cleaning your windows and the result was underwhelming, consider having your windows replaced. In addition, having your windows cleaned by professionals annually along with regular maintenance should keep your windows pristine.

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