How Hard Water Can Damage Your Windows and How to Avoid It

How Hard Water Can Damage Your Windows and How to Avoid It

If you’ve noticed stubborn stains or etching on the glass surface of your windows, one possibility is that they may be experiencing hard water damage. Hard water damage is common in towns or suburbs where the water supply contains a high concentration of minerals such as calcium. In this post, we take a look at the types of damage that hard water can cause and how to avoid it.

What is Hard Water?

Hard water refers to water that has a high concentration of minerals like calcium and magnesium. The “harder” water is, the more minerals are in it. While hard water is not detrimental to your health and well-being, it can have an adverse impact on the visual appeal and longevity of your windows.

How Does Hard Water Damage Windows?

Hard water damages windows by leaving behind traces of minerals after it dries. Because minerals are solid, they are left behind when the water that contains them evaporates. Thus, if you use hard water on your windows, they will leave behind white streaks or spots on your windows after they dry. Because of this, many professionals strongly recommend against using hard water for window cleaning.

Hard water stains on your window glass can be hard to remove and may become harder to remove over time while also reducing the transparency and clarity of your windows. In addition, the minerals that are left behind by hard water can also build up along the window frames or sills and cause corrosion or other damage to your window hardware.

How to Avoid Hard Water Damage on Your Windows

The most effective way to minimise the impact that hard water has on your windows is by cleaning your windows regularly. If your windows suffer from hard water stains, cleaning them with just water and regular cleaning solutions will not be enough. You will need to use specialised cleaning solutions that have been formulated specifically to break down the stubborn stains left behind by hard water. Consider using products like the Sorbo hard water residue remover, which will be much more effective and can make your cleaning experience more pleasant.

At the same time, inspect your window hardware as well while cleaning them to see if there is any damage that might have been caused by hard water. If there is, consider replacing the damaged components to prevent the damage from spreading. This can help to improve the overall durability and structural integrity of your windows in the long term.

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