A Guide to Cleaning Sticky Residue Off Your Windows

A Guide to Cleaning Sticky Residue Off Your Windows

Keeping your windows all clean and sparkly all the time can be a challenge, especially in climates such as Australia’s, where the weather can be unpredictable. Sticky residue on windows can be some of the most stubborn ones, as they almost always leave visible streaks. For the best results, choose the right method, depending on the type of substance staining the glass.

If you have a sticky residue on your windows, read on to find out how to clean them safely and efficiently.

Common Sticky Substances Found On Windows

Removing dust and pollen from windows might not be a hassle, but sometimes we get stubborn, sticky, clingy stains on the glass. Some of the most common sticky substances ending up on the glass are adhesive, spray-form decorations like artificial snow, clingy film decorations, stickers and crayons. Other times, they may be the by-products of renovations, like paint, tar or silicon caulking.

Some sticky situations are easier to solve, needing just some detergent and a squeegee. Others will need the action of solvents or stronger detergents, depending on how thick or dried they are.

Tool Tips

There are several tools that can be used to remove sticky stains off your windows, including the regular squeegee and rag. For stubborn stains, you can consider using tools like scrapers.

To avoid damaging your windows, especially custom ones, only use specialised window cleaning equipment. Replacing it with regular cleaning tools in your home might have undesirable results, like homemade detergents damaging your window frames or improvised scrapers permanently scratching the glass.

How To Use A Scraper Safely

Window scrapers are great tools for tough stains and residue. However, choose a device specifically designed for windows, as improvisations can lead to permanent damage. Using a regular blade or razor can create scratches or make the glass matte and dull.

You can consider purchasing professional grade scrapers and blades which are affordable and harmless for your glass. Make sure to apply the correct technique and keep them away from solar films and other sensitive window treatments.

Choosing the Right Spray

Some of the best detergents for sticky residue are alcohol or acid-based. A simple spray of a window cleaning solution can dislodge most sticky things on the glass. Soaking your windows before using a scraper or blade will help to make the task easier. Spray the cleaning solution evenly on the glass and let it sit for a few minutes before using your tools.

Great utensils for scraping the residue off glass are steel or copper wool. However, remember to only purchase glass-grade abrasives if you decide to use them.

Get Unstuck with Window Cleaning Online

If you are battling sticky residue on your windows, equip yourself with the proper utensils and detergents. First, find out if your windows can withstand rougher cleaning. Then, purchase glass-grade window cleaning supplies from a trusted provider.

Window Cleaning Online is a leading supplier of window cleaning tools and equipment in Australia. Visit our website to browse our extensive catalogue of window cleaning supplies or contact us to find out more about what you need to clean your windows effectively.

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