5 Effective Window Cleaning Tools and Products for Homeowners

5 Effective Window Cleaning Tools and Products for Homeowners

As a homeowner, keeping your windows clean is often a top priority. If you want perfectly clean, long-lived windows, it’s essential that you invest in a proper window cleaning kit. Using the right tools, detergents, and supplies will make your window cleaning experience easier and more effective. Here are the WCO's top five cleaning products recommendations for 2023.

Tool Must-Haves

We compiled a list of tools that will take your window-cleaning game to the next level. Check the product specifications and consider the best one for your home or business.

The Bucket on a Belt System

The Moerman bucket on a belt system can hold a bucket and two squeegees, freeing your hands and allowing you to clean your windows safely and comfortably. It fits both right-handed and left-handed persons and hangs on your belt so that you can easily access your tools.

Industrial Non-Scratch Scour Pads

EDCO scour pads are fantastic for cleaning jobs on sensitive materials, from glass to chrome or non-stick pans. You can use these pads all around the house to remove dirt and grime without damaging the surface you work on.

Extension Poles for Better Reach

Invest in a good extension pole if you have floor-to-ceiling or high windows that are hard to reach. You can safely clean these panels using extension poles like the UNGER Optiloc extension poles. They’re easy to grip when wet and makes your window cleaning much safer, eliminating the need for ladders.

Solvents and Solutions

When choosing detergents for your window cleaning kit, carefully consider the type of problem you have. There are different solutions for hard water stain removal, mild cleaning of delicate windows and for industrial use. It’s important for you to choose a product that is specifically designed for the type of surface you’re cleaning to avoid damage to your windows. Specialised window cleaning solutions can also be more effective at cleaning different types of blemishes.

Microfibre Cloths for the Finish

When it comes to wiping down your windows, you can use microfibre rags for the best possible result. They are lint-free, highly absorbent and will leave no streaks as you wipe the excess detergent or water. This enables you to achieve a spotless shine on your windows when you’re done cleaning them.

Before microfibre was invented, many people used newspapers to wipe their windows. However, paper and ink can damage the windows and leave residue behind. Effectively using microfibre cloths to wipe down your windows can help you avoid such an issue.

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