An Essential Guide to Cleaning Tinted Windows

An Essential Guide to Cleaning Tinted Windows

Tinted windows are highly functional and have numerous advantages over regular windows, making them popular amongst homeowners. However, due to the nature of tinted windows, they also require greater care when it comes to cleaning them to prevent them from becoming damaged. In this post, we take a closer look at how you can properly clean your tinted windows to maximise their lifespan.

What Are Tinted Windows?

Tinted windows are windows that have had a layer of tinting film or coating applied to them. This tinting restricts the amount of light that can pass through a window, creating a dimmer environment that can vary in brightness depending on the darkness of the tint used. However, because of the way that tinted windows are created, it’s necessary for you to take specific measures to clean and maintain them to avoid damaging them and reducing the functionality of the tint.

Choosing the Right Cleaning Solution

While it may be tempting to simply use a homemade cleaning solution to save on costs and trouble, this might actually be counter effective in the long term. Certain types of homemade cleaning solutions may not be suitable for tinted windows as they may erode or otherwise damage the tinting. Thus, it is crucial for you to use a specialised cleaning solution that is suitable for your tinted windows. 

Using the Right Window Cleaning Equipment

Apart from using an appropriate window cleaning solution, it is also essential for you to use the proper tools to avoid damaging your tinted windows. Some tools that you might need to clean your tinted windows include:


Squeegees are useful tools that enable you to easily wick away any remaining water or cleaning solution on your windows after you are down cleaning them. Because they have a rubber blade, they are less likely to accidentally scratch your windows and ruin the tint.

Microfibre Cloths

Unlike normal cleaning cloths or rags, microfibre cloths have enhanced drying and water absorption properties. This makes them especially suitable for cleaning windows without leaving behind any streaks that can dry and form stains. Moreover, the smooth surface texture of microfibre cloths also ensures that they won’t accidentally scratch your tinted windows.

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when cleaning tinted windows is to ensure that you need to clean and maintain them regularly. Doing so will help to prevent the build-up of stubborn stains, dirt and grime. In addition, by fixing any damage immediately, you can also prevent the problem from worsening too much.

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