Double-Glazed Windows: The Pros and Cons, and How to Clean Them

Double-Glazed Windows: The Pros and Cons, and How to Clean Them

While double-glazed windows are growing in popularity in Australia, many homeowners think they are helpful in cold countries only. However, this is a misconception as these windows are beneficial in cold and hot climates.

The Difference Between Single-Glazed and Double-Glazed Windows

A single glazed window is a thin layer of insulation between your home’s interior and the climate outside, so it is not very efficient when it comes to heat loss or gain.

Double-glazed windows comprise two panes of glass combined into a closed unit. A gap of air of about 12mm separates the two panes. The gap is sealed to trap air between the two panes and ensure no external air can enter the gap.

Heat passes through single-glazed windows quickly, resulting in a massive heat loss inside your home during colder periods. On the other hand, air is a poor heat conductor, so the trapped air in a double-glazed window forms insulation between cool air on one side and warm air on the other. Double-glazed windows are efficient, reducing your heat loss or gain by up to 30%.

What are the Advantages of Double-Glazed Windows?

While the costs can be inhibiting, here are some advantages of double-glazed windows:

1. Easy to clean

Double-glazed windows are cleaned much the same way as single-glazed windows. Professional window cleaners in Melbourne can take this chore off your hand.

2. Energy efficiency

Double-glazed windows are an excellent energy-efficient solution for Australian climates. As people discover the comfortable living resulting from double-glazed windows, they also appreciate the reduction of their power bill.

3. Reduction of noise

It is debatable whether Melbourne city dwellers regard the city noise as ‘beautiful’ as Neil Diamond declared in his hit song of yesteryear. Still, double-glazed windows are very effective at keeping external noise out. Enjoy your next sleep-in!

4. Reduction of condensation

Condensation occurs when moist air inside the house comes in contact with the colder surface of a single-glazed window. Condensation usually does not form against double-glazed windows as it removes the leading cause – a cold window.

5. Mould does not form

Melbourne may not be as humid as Sydney, but humidity can be annoying. Double-glazing prevents mould from forming, which is good news for people with asthma.

6. Safety and security

Double-glazed windows are harder to break than regular windows, so they improve the security of the home and the safety of its occupants.

Cleaning Double-Glazed Windows

If your double-glazed windows are performing as they should, you won’t see any marks or condensation on the insides of the two panes of glass. If the seal is tight, dust, dirt, and moisture will not enter the space between the two panes.

In this case, cleaning your double-glazed windows is no different from cleaning any other glass windows and doors.

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