How to Decorate Custom-Shaped Windows for Christmas

How to Decorate Custom-Shaped Windows for Christmas

One of the best ways to get your home ready for the winter holidays is by adding decorations to your windows. They can help you improve the aesthetic appeal of your home whilst creating a more inviting ambience for your guests. But how do you best decorate your windows when they are oddly shaped? If you have custom windows with non-standard designs, we take a look at some ways you can decorate them in this post.

Examples of Odd-Shaped Windows

There are many different styles of custom windows. Here are some examples of non-standard windows and how you can decorate them for Christmas:

Circular Windows

Round windows can be some of the most eye-catching elements in your house architecture. They fit a nautical theme like a glove, but you may also find them in homes with eclectic architectural styles. Because of their shape, it's harder to add treatments to round windows. Wreaths can be a simple and inexpensive way to add holiday flair to these windows.

Triangle-Shaped Windows

Angular shapes are easy to decorate, but triangles might make things tricky. Triangular windows often follow the outline of an A-shaped roof. When decorating this window style, use Christmas decorations that allow more flexible placement.


The angle of a skylight window makes it difficult to place traditional decorations for Christmas. Try embellishing them with garland or hanging paper snowflakes if you want to add a festive touch.

Arched Windows

The beauty of arched windows lies in their curvy, organic shape, and any Christmas decorations on these windows might have to follow this unique shape. You can consider using the horizontal bottom edge of an arched window to display Santa's village or other ornaments. 

Christmas Window Re-Cap

When adding Christmas magic to your custom windows, it's wise to work with their shapes rather than against them. Choose decorations that don't necessarily require square window frames. 

For example, when dealing with round lines, you can echo the shape with wreaths or highlight it with a large paper star. With angular shapes like those in apex windows, flowy curtains work perfectly along with big red bows and string lights. You can also use window decals and place Christmas decor on windowsills to dress your custom windows.

Clean Up Before You Decorate

Before adding any holiday glam to your windows, it's best to take some time to clean them properly. Clean the outside of your windows using specialised window cleaning tools like a water-fed pole system. On the inside, try a good treatment with window cleaning detergents. Polish each window so they can highlight your holiday decor perfectly.

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