How To Clean Windows Strengthened With Security Film

How To Clean Windows Strengthened With Security Film

When an average-sized window shatters, hundreds of sharp bits and pieces usually scatter over a large area and can cause severe injury to people. Safety film applied to window or door glass minimises the risks, as it absorbs most of the impact and keeps the broken pieces together.

People often wonder whether the safety film affects the window cleaning process in any way. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at how to clean windows with security film on them.

Why is it Necessary to Use Security Film on Some Windows?

Older buildings may have very thin glass windows and door panes, and many people can recall having been injured by broken glass. Aside from the human factor, strong wind, hail, and even bird or pet strikes can shatter unprotected, thin window glass.

People are increasingly applying safety film to strengthen glass and protect people. You may expect it to be a costly affair, but replacing broken glass is more expensive than applying safety film to your windows or glass doors.

When Can You Start Cleaning Windows which Have New Security Film Applied?

If the security film on your glass windows and doors is new, allow at least 30 days for it to cure before cleaning the surface. Remember, the film comes in the form of an adhesive, and cleaning it too soon may result in damage caused by the products and materials you use.

After the application of the safety film, the glass usually appears unclear or fuzzy. The moisture on the surface causes this temporary condition during the application process, but it should disappear within 30 days. Films applied in colder areas usually require more time to cure properly.

What Products to Use to Clean Windows with Security Film

When cleaning your windows, use non-abrasive cleaning materials, together with a gentle cleanser to protect the glass films from scratches – and remember that using paper and old towels is not ideal. Your professional cleaning supplier will have several options to use. Additionally, always use clean material when wiping your films, as trapped dust and dirt can cause damage.

How to Clean Security Films to Ensure their Longevity

When cleaning your window films, remember that they are less porous than the surface of regular glass. This means that dirt does not gather as rapidly as on glass, so you do not need to clean it as frequently as glass.

It is also important to note that products that contain ammonia will cause the films to become fuzzy and fragile, and over time could even cause them to peel off. For this reason, it is best to select a gentle cleanser when cleaning windows with films. It is best to apply the cleanser with a dampened cloth or a spray bottle to avoid leaving streaks noticeable in sunlight.

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