Picture Perfect Glass: How to Clean Stained Glass Windows

Picture Perfect Glass: How to Clean Stained Glass Windows

Stained glass has been used for centuries to add beauty to churches, filter light in residential and public buildings, and add a touch of colour to windows and doors. It has been used for thousands of years, and it remains in style for the mesmerising light effects it creates and the aesthetic value it provides.

Adding a stained-glass element to a room can dim the light coming through and add colours when the sun shines through. The best effects are achieved when the stained glass is spotless with no dirt or dust obstructing the light. However, keeping stained glass clean can be a challenge and this blog post will cover some tips to help you keep your stained glass clean at all times.

Why Keeping Your Stained Glass Clean is Important

Cleaning your stained glass should be done regularly to prevent hard staining that would require deeper cleaning. By cleaning your stained glass often, you keep the dirt from depositing and hardening on the surface, especially on the meeting points of the panels.

If you have a vintage stained-glass ensemble, you have to be even more careful when maintaining it. When cleaning it, it’s crucial to know what kind of glass it is and how it was stained. For some pieces, it’s best to hire professionals to clean the glass, as they have the needed experience and expertise.

What to Use When Cleaning Stained Glass

The main element to cleaning stained glass is to use gentle detergents (if any) and very little force when dislodging the dirt. Harsh cleaners like Windex are not suitable, and pressure cleaning should never be considered for this kind of job. Instead, use PH-free, ammonia-free mild detergents and soft towels like microfiber.

Cleaners that Damage Stained Glass

Here are some detergents you should avoid when cleaning stained glass. 

  • Ammonia: this substance can damage the solder that holds the glass pieces together, which can be disastrous for your delicate, intricate stained-glass ensemble.
  • Alcohol-based cleaners: alcohol is also too harsh, especially if you have an older home and the glass has been exposed to dirt, light, and weather already.
  • Dish soap: usually, dish soap is a great choice when cleaning delicate surfaces, but it shouldn’t be used on stained glass as it can cause discoloration. It’s best to use a detergent that is neutral and non-reactive as possible or just water.

Spic and Span Stained Glass

Stained glass windows can be more difficult to maintain than other windows but having them decorate your home or commercial space is worth it. Nothing compares to the delicate beauty and intricate designs of stained-glass elements and the effect of the coloured reflections on the walls inside.

If you have stained glass elements in your home, it is important for you to get the best cleaning equipment and solutions to keep it in perfect condition. Window Cleaning Online is Australia’s leading supplier of window cleaning supplies and you are bound to find something that suits your needs on our online store.

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