How to Clean Smoke-Stained Windows Effectively

How to Clean Smoke-Stained Windows Effectively

As a homeowner, you are bound to encounter many types of residues, from dust and allergens to vapours filled with particle debris. You will need regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure the air inside your home is clean and you are always comfortable in your living space.

Unfortunately, some of our habits are more harmful than others in this sense. Smoking can be pleasurable for many people but leaves significant residue behind. The burned residue in cigarette or cigar smoke can circulate inside your home even if you smoke on the porch, and it can deposit on your surroundings. Over time, this can lead to staining on the walls, curtains, linens, and even your windows.

How Does Smoke Stain Window Glass?

When you smoke, the burned residue from cigarette or cigar smoke circulates inside your home and can build up as a layer of grime on your items. The main culprit in staining your items is tar - a sticky, slightly oily residue in cigarettes. It can adhere to any surface it touches and even penetrates upholstery and fabrics. With time, the affected areas will begin to show discoloration.

Do E-Cigarettes Stain Glass Too?

E-Cigarettes have become very popular in recent decades because it offers a supposedly healthier alternative to traditional smoking. The nicotine in them burns more quickly and leaves fewer residues. Some of the substances in regular cigarettes are eliminated, making them cleaner as well.

However, e-cigarettes can also stain your walls, windows, and other items. Due to the nicotine and flavouring in e-cigarette fluids, you still need to wipe surfaces regularly if you use them.

Removing Smoke Stains from Windows

The good news is that nicotine staining on your windows is rarely irreversible. Even if your space has been exposed to smoking for a long time, you can still remove the build-up staining your items.

If you want a gentler solution to start removing nicotine from your window glass, try washing them with a mild detergent. A professional product like Squeegee Off will handle the yellow nicotine residue on the glass. To wipe off the cleaning mixture, use a microfiber rag or towel that will leave no streaks or lint.

A Splash of Vinegar 

Another efficient at-home solution is a vinegar and dish soap mixture. If the nicotine build-up is more stubborn, you can use more vinegar from the beginning. It's crucial to let the smoke residue soak, so apply the soapy mixture with circular motions and let it sit for a few minutes before wiping it.

Smoke Stain Solutions and More

For the best results, use high-quality squeegees, microfiber rags, and other professional window cleaning supplies. Window Cleaning Online is the number one provider of window cleaning equipment and supplies in Australia and we offer the best service and equipment to all our customers. Visit our website today to browse the highest quality window cleaning tools, solutions, and more!

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