What Brands Do We Sell At Window Cleaning Online?

What Brands Do We Sell At Window Cleaning Online?

Are you in search of products to clean your residential or commercial windows with? As Australia’s leading supplier of professional window cleaning equipment, Window Cleaning Online can help you with all your window cleaning needs.

If you’re planning on paying our retail store a visit, or if you’re looking to purchase from our online store, here is an overview of some of the main brands we stock to guide you. 


Edco is an Australian owned brand that has been in the business since 1941. Their roots can be traced back to the Sydney suburb of Marrickville. Endo produces a wide range of cleaning materials that are designed for professional use including window cleaning tools.

The Edco products we sell at WCO include steel wool, cobweb brushes, scrapers, buckets, doodle bugs, cloths, pads and scourers.

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Have you ever wondered what the secret is to streak free glass in your shower, pool, windows and more? 

Enduroshield is a revolutionary product that adds a water-resistant coating to your glass surfaces. Lasting for up to 3 years, Enduroshield is simple to apply and can cut down your cleaning time by up to 90%. 

The Enduroshield range includes treatments for glass, tiles & grout and stainless steel. 

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Ettore is yet another window cleaning products manufacturer that is long established, having started in America in 1922. It was the company founder Ettore Steccone who actually invented the modern squeegee, after finding previous designs made the job a lot more difficult than it needed to be.

It’s fair to say Ettore is considered the gold standard of window cleaning tools which span complete window cleaning kits, extension poles, pole angle adapters, squeegees, microfibre covers, cobweb brushes, blades, holsters and much more.

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Glidex is yet another Australian brand of window cleaning product manufacturers, with headquarters based in Lonsdale which is just outside Adelaide. Its products were developed by working with window cleaners on the job over a period of 7 years.

The company wanted to know what the current pain points were for window cleaners, so that they could develop products in response to make the job as efficient to perform as possible, without losing out on quality for the client.

We stock Glidex extension poles, pole end tips, pole clutches and pole end grips.

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Founded in 1985 in Belgium, Moerman started out making floor sweepers before branching out into the world of squeegees.  Moerman’s patented DuraFlex® rubber comes in two different versions depending on whether you are working in a warm or cool climate, offering excellent flexibility for window cleaners across the globe including here in Australia.

WCO stocks Moerman extension poles, microfibre sleeves, combinator squeegee & washers, handles, channels, t-bars, detergent, pouches, tool belts, buckets and more.

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Sörbo Samuelsson, a window cleaner from California, USA, invented the 3x4 squeegee channel. As a result, it cut the time it took to clean French windows in half. The brand which also has a base in Marrickville, Sydney, prides itself on producing excellent quality window cleaning tools.

Our wide range of Sorbo products includes squeegees, swivel t-bars, washer sleeves, tricket kits, tricket washers, handles, cobra channels, rubbers, scrapers, carts, quadropods, buckets, detergents, belts, holsters, end plugs, end clips and more.

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Triumph is one of the leading names for scrapers in the window cleaning industry. Window cleaning scrapers are used to remove stickers, tape, paint and construction debris from the glass. It’s essential to use a sharp, high quality blade otherwise you risk scratching or damaging the glass.

You can find a range of Triumph scrapers for sale on WCO, including blades, handles and scraper holsters.

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Unger has over 50 years of experience in manufacturing a wide range of cleaning products including solutions for glass, solar panels, floor care and washroom facilities.

The Unger window cleaning products we stock include squeegees, handles, ninja channels, detergents, washer covers, t-bars, buckets, scrapers, blades and holsters.

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Vikan is the world’s leading supplier of hygienic cleaning tools. They specialise in the food and beverage industry, where the levels of cleanliness matter the most.

We stock a range of Vikan water fed brushes. The intricacy of the design given the important role Vikan products play in the hygiene sector mean you’ll always get an impeccable finish.

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Wagtail is an Australian brand that gets its name from our native bird, whose characteristics are agility and quickness. Wagtail products were designed to combat RSI which can occur in the window cleaning business, especially if you are using cumbersome products. Therefore, Wagtail products offer an ideal solution for longevity in your career.

WCO stocks Wagtail squeegees, angle arms, handles, microfibre pads, water fed waves and rubbers.

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