A Beginner’s Guide To Cleaning High Windows

A Beginner’s Guide To Cleaning High Windows

Do you struggle with cleaning your high windows? If you have high windows in your home, it might seem challenging every time you try to get them clean. But this shouldn’t be the case. You don't necessarily need to hire a window cleaning service and spend a lot of money when you can do it yourself – here’s how.

Safety First

Cleaning high windows can be dangerous if you are not doing it correctly. There are some things you shouldn't do especially when you are using a ladder. For starters, never stand on the ladder that is not secured. If it wobbles, you can fall and get seriously injured. When you are climbing ladders, you should also have maintain three points of contact at all times. That means ensuring that at least three of your four limbs are on the ladder.

Even more importantly, have someone help you climb and then hand you the window cleaning supplies from the below. Ask them to hold on to the ladder for extra safety.

In addition, be careful when handling window cleaning equipment as you stand on the ladder. Simply take your time as you clean and avoid compromising your safety in return for speed.

Cleaning Products And Equipment

For high windows, you’ll need to have a squeegee on hand, along with extension poles to enable you to reach the higher windows. Most homeowners opt for carbon fiber poles because of their durability.

When it comes to window cleaning products, there are many brands to choose from. Each brand has its own uses so be sure to do your research and get the cleaning product that is most suitable for your windows.

Cleaning the Window

When you are ready to clean your windows, these tips can help you clean more efficiently and comprehensively.

  • Use nylon scrubbing pads to get into the crevices that are hard to reach.
  • Sponges work as well but nylon has the ability to eradicate stains that have built up over time.
  • If you see stains that are stubborn to remove, you might want to use steel wool, although it is not always necessary.
  • The inside of the window usually builds up a lot of dirt. This is where a thin brush can help.
  • To finish the washing, use a rubber squeegee to wipe the rinsed window.

Alternative Methods If You Don’t Have A Ladder

If you are afraid of heights or don't own ladders, extendable window cleaning poles and other window cleaning equipment can also be very useful. Having a long extendable window cleaning pole on hand can help you reach high window that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

If you are willing to invest some extra buck into your windows, you can purchase a water-fed pole to speed up the cleaning. Washing high windows is not hard if you have the proper tools and right cleaning technique. With time, you’ll get the hang of it and cleaning your high window will be a breeze. If you are in the market for window cleaning supplies, check out Window Cleaning Online’s selection of window cleaning supplies and equipment to kick start your window cleaning journey.

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