REACH-IT, PRO & 6.5Ltr DI Filter


High-reach water fed pole system and Wash-iT DI Tank. Includes hose, brush, goose neck, fittings & dl filter.
Pole is 11.8Mtrs long so can comfortably reach 12 meters or 4 storey windows.

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REACH-IT, PRO & 6.5Ltr DI Filter

REACH-IT, PRO & 6.5Ltr DI Filter is a high-reach water fed pole system. PRO 1, 2, 3 and 4 compact together telescopically to form the Reach-iT PRO 4 ‘Master’ Pole. Pole is 11.8Mtrs long so can comfortably reach 12 meters or 4 storey windows

PRO 4 (4storey reach) can be raised to 5 floors (55ft), 6 floors (65ft), and 7 floors (75ft) using 1, 2 or 3 Reach-iT XT’s (our 11ft extensions). We call these solutions Reach-iT PRO 5, PRO 6 and PRO 7.

With Reach-iT PRO, each 2-part telescopic pole sections slide in and out of their telescopic clamps  giving the Operator the ability to choose the best length and weight of pole for the job.  As you clean from the top down, you dis-assemble the pole 2 sections at a time, one storey at a time.

Regardless, whether you are a Sole Operator, or a Multi-Vehicle Business, what makes Reach-iT PRO undisputed as the ‘professionals’ water fed pole’, is the Reach-iT XTs are completely universal and can be used at any time with both Reach-iT MINI and Reach-iT PRO.


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