Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is my credit card secure if I use it to buy goods? How can I be sure no one has access to it and can use it to buy other things?
WCO has spent considerable time and effort to make sure this can’t happen. We use Thawte online security and the National Bank merchant card facilities and finally a three digit verification number. No records are kept of your credit card details by us. For further detailed information, please read the Policy Statement located at the bottom of the WCO homepage.


Can I return goods if I find them unsatisfactory?
Absolutely, we know it’s easy to order the wrong items. Just post them back and we will either refund your credit card or replace the items with the ones you want.


What happens if the goods we receive are damaged?
We thoroughly pack and check all goods before despatching but if they are damaged in transport, just return them and we will replace them.


Is WCO the cheapest supplier of window cleaning equipment in Australia?
We constantly check to make sure we are. You can do the same and let us know if you ever find a cheaper item. Remember we are the only online service fully supported by all the major importers of equipment including Ettore and Sorbo.


What about specials?
Just wait and see. We’ve got some mighty specials planned. Just keep an eye on the Homepage. Both Sorbo and Ettore have planned to release their latest designs as SUPER SPECIALS. Sometimes these specials have limited release numbers and will only be available whilst stocks last.


What should I buy if I am going to start my
own Window Cleaning business?

  1. Ettore – 18″ Porcupine Sleeve
  2. Ettore – 18″ Super System T-bar
  3. Glidex – 4′ x 2 Extension Pole
  4. Ettore – 14″ Microfibre Sleeve
  5. Ettore – Leather Belt
  6. Paragon – Microfibre Cloth
  7. Ettore – Bucket on a Belt
  8. Ettore – Scraper Holster
  9. Triumph – 6″ Scraper
  10. Sorbo – Swivel handle & Cobra Channel
  11. Ettore – Hound dog
  12. Interclean – 20lt Bucket
  13. Ammodet – 15L Detergent
  14. Sorbo – Squeegee Glide
  15. Eureka – 8″ Fixed handle squeegee & 6″ Washer and T-Bar (Colonial Kit)

I’ve heard about the Australian Window Cleaning Federation. What is it and is it worth joining?
The Australian Window Cleaning Federation ( ) was established in 2006 by a group of Australian window cleaners as a way of furthering information and professionalism within Australia. The website is the main avenue for members information, with links to everything a window cleaner requires. It will always be evolving and updated. Your annual, continual membership fee (just $2 a week) will enable the present committee the funds to run the website.

What do I get for my membership?
You have the opportunity to join your own professional group of fellow window cleaners. Questions, answers and information will flow freely in the AWCF Forum. If your not familiar with forums, this is a part of the website where discussion can take place. When you have a question, you’ll have somewhere to go. There is a special area for classified advertisements where you can find extra staff or temporary help and a buy and sell area for businesses and equipment wanted and for sale. This is the first window cleaning organisation in the world that will allow members to freely advertise anything to do with their industry. Overseas conferences will be listed and can enable tax deductible travel. Suppliers and equipment links. Safety and ladder issues. Superannauation, insurance and workcover all explained and with some great deals from our sponsors. A massive amount of information on actual window cleaning. How to do builders cleans, do a stain removal treatment (SRT) and learn about the new waterfed pole systems (WFP) that are so popular overseas.

Members will be posted their laminated membership card, two vehicle decals and other complimentary discounts from our corporate members. You are able to download the AWCF logo from the website and freely use it in all your advertising.
The website Homepage will enable prospective customers to freely search for window cleaners in their postcode and by State. Internet search engines put trade organisations very high on their searches. This will be an important marketing tool for your business to get new customers. Members will be encouraged to recommend the website to customers outside their working area. Australian window cleaners will be linked for the first time.

Members are encouraged to submit photographs of themselves, their team in action or their vehicle. The Members Area has an easily managed upload facility. These photographs will be used throughout the AWCF website, with your name and business name underneath. The home page will continually change. A great opportunity for free promotion.

Sensis, through their Yellow Pages, are supporting us with an AWCF entry in all 55 Australian Yellow Pages regions, listing all members under the AWCF logo.
Once you have applied for and been accepted for membership, you will have immediate entry into many informative sites, beginning with pages on window cleaning to more advanced information. There is over 100 pages on everything a window cleaner may require.
This is a remarkable site for a weekly membership of just $2. You will easily increase your income as new customers will be able to find you and you can use the logo to really professionalize your business.

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